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Poetry Magnum Opus

Spring Daffodil (°sonnet°)

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

Daffodils honour us with their diaphanous emerging,

familiar old friends, it’s welcome yellow fellows well

met. We greet you gratefully from your submerging

floral heads mutate, from green bud to golden bell.

Nature, benefactor of all provision, gifts indulgence

plays host to these visitors for sadly too brief a stay

endows bright vistas which radiate in rare effulgence

springing in Spring this seasonal and annual display.

Daffodils grow row on row hereabout and all around

a host of them as Wordsworth’s great poem extolled;

flowers that proliferate and thrive upon waste ground

gilding the darkest spaces by their alchemy into gold.

Like gold a noble daffodil yields a treasure for the eye,

an array of optical pleasure then doffs its cap goodbye.

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Indulgence and effulgence? Masterful.


And I just REALLY like this:


gilding the darkest spaces.....


You played with the meter (syllables) but still it is very recognizable.

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A breath of fresh air Frank, for a well deserved spring, which is slowly slowly coming here in NY. Simply delightful!


Loved it!



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Frank E Gibbard

Cheers guys thanks for comments, doc and eclipse. Never look after my syllables me, just busk it thanks though Marti for the positive.

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