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Poetry Magnum Opus

Love Junkie


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Love Junkie

You rise above me
Entwined vision
Mingling into the rebellious
Smoke from my frequent exhalations
My body is shivering
Craving a touch from you
Caffeine infected physicality
Raped organs
Giving off the odour
Of alcoholic infestation
You've formed the black smears
Of fear beneath my eyes
Your finger traces
Haunt my flesh
It rots impulsively
Exposing my soul
To neurotic sorrows
And the blossom of my passion
Is crushed by your silence
Red tangled love
Seeping like pus from my extremities
My half barren
Needing to become whole
This mysterious and persistent agony
That transmogrifies me
Turns me into a junkie

To receive love, you have to give it...

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Frank E Gibbard

Use of words is impressive as is your passion for poetry, very well done Douglas.


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