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Poetry Magnum Opus

Falling Rain - know My Pain

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Falling Rain - Know My Pain


Can you hold back the pain?
It has only been so many years tragically.
Don't you know I will always love you.
So, please don't forget it.

Newborn eyes always cry
when beholding their world
they arrive in
for the very first time.
This little one
looks into the Sun's
ray of light inaugural sting
of another days brightness.

Hold the child tight after this
and they will never let go.
You see the light of the Sun
is a beacon from above
to give a newborn security
to see and understand
everything surrounding him or her
with fresh young innocent eyes.
What do we teach these little ones?
Only time will tell, so let it all be
in the fate of Destiny's hands?
Only time will tell, so they say???

As a child
we love to laugh and play
even in the rain, so they say.
If you only knew growing up
can be so hard.
But, why make it more complicated
than it ever really has to be?
Because growing up is something
all life has to endure
and pretty child we all
want to make love one day.

These teenage dreams
such a tragic fantasy?
Not your crown of destiny to be?
Oh how you you cry your eyes,
so save your tears
winter, summer, spring, or fall -
life is just one big blur to me.

Now -

for everything I ever desired
has come crashing in on me.
This was because
I didn't honor
all those I met
that had come befor me
without respecting you.
Or everone the way I should have...

You see it is all the same to me
this fact we live in called reality.
If it could be any other way
no one would ever know?
That the truth of the matter
is how you look into ones eyes
and see the thoughts
of their beating heart and blinking eyes.

I would buy you
a real first rate glass of wine,
but would you know
the real cost of this crying illusion?
It is after all just a lovely hardship game.
Through those differences and the lying pain
could you still feel?


Or know my bitter heartaches
all the same?

Still I love you so much
and in marriage I will
love you forevermore
as the breeze of eternity
moves us throughout
the hands of time.

Such a casual smile you share
that I don't want to waste.
For this truly gets me every time.
Even after all the trysting turmoil
comes love, respect, and adulation
even though we go through
many trying times in this life.

Don't you know
I still do love you
like the very first Day
we met in this humble lifetime?
All those wrinkles you have earned
still hasn't changed a thing
about your beautiful face
even in your dying grave,
such a travesty.

Such a classic tale
under the sunny moonlight.
But who would've known
through the ages
you might have earned
all those lovely wrinkles
that we both do share.

But how it is,
my mind always sees you
as you were
such a classic tale of who says it was
when all it was shall ever be
and that is the only way
I care to remember you
forevermore until time is no more.

((((Last Two Lines from last song in movie *Bugsy Malone* 1976
starring Scott Biao, Jodie Foster, Florrie Duggar, John Cassisi
the song 'We could've been anything'.............))))

We could've been anything
That we wanted to be
Yes, that decision was ours
It's been decided we're weaker divided
Let friendship double up our powers
We could've been anything
That we wanted to be
And I'm not saying that we should
But if we try it, we'd learn to abide it
We could be the best at bein' good guys

Flowers of the earth
Who can even guess how much
A real friend is worth?
Good guys, shake an open hand
May-be trusting
If we try to understand
No doubt about it
It must be worthwhile
Good friends do tend to make you smile

(The last two refrains mentioned in song
above capture my somber mood
better than anything I could write...
Please look up the lyrics to the whole song.
If the kids of today could only see the wisdom
in this movie cult classic. Sad but beautiful...)

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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2 parts REALLY stand out for me:


Newborn eyes always cry
when beholding their world




a real first rate glass of wine,
but would you know
the real cost of this crying illusion.


Now I will have to look into that song. :)

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