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Poetry Magnum Opus

Eius Belli, Quievit


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  • Part I. The Time Warp

The Internet contains its daily flings

of curses, messages, of very rude things;

its tales of books, TV deals, of divorce and marriage,

rumours of a female star’s miscarriage;

these are the very things we wish to stamp down upon,

to clamp down upon, we, that is to say, the oligarchy, by which

I propose the rich should really rule the world.

Democracy simply doesn’t work: the spread of the vote

to the underclass, to women, to ignorant fools,

has visibly weakened every national situation,

has left our leaders gasping like pink-bellied fish

from whom life-giving water has been removed.

We need to reverse this dreadful obligation,

turn back from the passions of mob rule,

return to reason and common sense.

Sir James Pinker-Bullington is our candidate,

he has miraculously revived from the grave,

fresh as a peach after seven decades, amazing really,

a quite brave officer, a stalwart on the staff,

who well understood the needs of our boys

and sent cigarretes up to the Front (!)

via the trembling Anglican chaplains

until the more handy and indeed randy

RC priests took over, hanging about, hearing confessions,

until blown into shit by bullets or shells.

In Omnia Pax Christi!

No loss, really, they were only RCs.

Now the War is over, boys,

and a trembling new world opens out before us

with neither jobs nor Homes for Heroes, and when

I encountered my company captain, shivering,

selling apples from a cart in the Strand,

I was too shocked, too ashamed to buy one.

Things will get better soon, we are told:

they will bloody well have to, by God.

Or else the spidery rich will take over again

and wheel other young men out to future disasters,

as the negotiations proceed in Versailles,

with the ritual, the unnecesary humiliation of the Germans,

the proposed ethnic carve-up of Austro-Hungary,

and the ruler-drawn borders of the Middle East,

which will guarantee PEACE FOREVER.

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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Enthralling. I thoroughly like the time warp, and yes this is true, the things that fill our days while the world hurtles towards more blood shed, are best rejected, the juxtaposition of times works well.


Loved it



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