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Poetry Magnum Opus

Learning to Calm Down


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Learning to Calm Down


If you want to do this

you have to calm down

and I’m learning Sensei

I’m learning


But everything talks to me

when I’m quiet

Sometimes they shout

like in the past life Elementary


Boring Boring Boring


But I think I was closer then

then and then and then


But you said

The problem is thinking


And I thought

of dreams from there

stepping into a club

Everything goes quiet


I didn’t know then I didn’t know I didn’t

The secret words or signs or signals

in that absolute silence I would remember

How I talked to trees

In the filtered green sunlight

rich with biology they would answer


I’m learning to give up the learning

the language of Hey Now

the hustle of jaded neurons

the semiotics of belonging

the grimoires of grammar


To remember the language

Of The Before and After

I calmed down.

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Great work, Juris. The first line is important. If you want to do this implies that there's a choice. The speaker says he wants it, that he's trying.


L18 is inspired and sums up the tone of the entire poem. Perhaps we think we want something, say we want something, say we're trying, even think we're trying, when really it comes down to I didn’t know then I didn’t know I didn’t.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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"How I talked to trees


In the filtered green sunlight


rich with biology they would answer"


On my nature walks I have always thought the trees and the river, hills, and even fields of corn were talking to me. Thanks for putting me back in special places.



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Frank E Gibbard

Hello good doctor you do not deserve my riposte at all amid your fine philosophy here but I can't resist throwing in a quote from the great BBC comedy Goon Show you may or not be aware of>

"I talk to the trees... that's why they put me away" the writer was an acknowledged mad genius who had been put in hospitals so he was being very ironic. Boring boring could be a quote from that savant from The Simpsons, Homer S. Both great shows.

I admire too your depth of analytical observation and therapeutic postillation. Gets coat, so long. Frank

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Paco & Frank... Thanks to you both for engaging and allowing the piece to invoke delight! Frank I know the rather brilliant Goon Show! Ahh yes, my current/old favorite is the most divine Mighty Boosh - but that truly requires a twist in one's humor circuits;-)



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Excellent fare... Most of us are channelled from an early age to exploit our full potential. But to quote John Lennon "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." To be satisfied with ones lot (in my view) is to be successful... But how many can claim to be so. :smile: G

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