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Poetry Magnum Opus

On Old Zoo Ways

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard
Fellow beings living in the world
from open Nature cruelly hurled
by we humans who never knew
the gravest demerits of the zoo;
in cramped cages or virtual cells,
incarcerated animals' public hells.
Sad to see polar bears vainly pad
by unfair confinement driven mad.
Big cats, prone to scatter, penned
pace enclosures for hours on end.
Bad as were those old zoos' ways
we've seen more enlightened days.
But round the globe poor creatures
do still perform as pathetic features
condemned into inadequate cages,
this careless lack of care outrages.
One has hope restraints untighten
and heavy handed treatment lighten.
If people were tender like to a child
in room for their animals to run wild
less Mankind's plaything or cute toy
to sport themselves with natural joy.

Zoos needs to be more of a kind of ark
Save the animals display them in a park
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Rhyme heightens the personal passion in this. Zoos, and boxing.....have we REALLY advanced any from the Roman Coliseum?

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Just a pleasurable rant to read! Thought I commented a few days ago, but glad I didn't since these will amuse and are very pertinent to this piece! ;-)


OMFG? What the hell is wrong with humans?
Well maybe we're not so? Bad we teach our prisoners to play @ least:
Juris & Dr. Con
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Frank E Gibbard

I am sure we all prefer to see animals in as natural a habitat as possible. Cheers, you chaps; Frank.

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