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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Moon Calendar


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The Moon Calendar

It is as long and slender as you
Almost an indigo blue
As dark
As mysterious
As masculine

And at the top and bottom
Of its rectangle
Lie two silver bands
Strong and steely and cold
And the moon is all over it
In its various stages of waxing and waning
Making a pattern across the surface
As passion flows upon the surface of life
Or as the ebb and tides of the sea
Beneath the floating lunar secrecy

And I think
It is all about symbols and signs
Fragments from the shattered pane
That rest upon my heaving heart once again

Months and days
Mapping out the expressions of her silver face
With a certainty and clarity
That time could not erase

And the pathos of this vision
Causes my earthly limitations to squeeze and pull
Searching for an inner moon
That shall be white and glowing and full

To receive love, you have to give it...

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