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Poetry Magnum Opus

Smiley Speaks Out

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

The two evils sat apart from :lol:

on lower deck as well, and just

as well thought :lol: smiling as

always, what else could it do

but smile in rictus smiley face

fit to bust? And as it would till

it was dust. For evils exuded

this absolutely apalling smell

an aroma :lol: assumed of Hell.

Maybe :lol: didn't do so bad in

its spot with a cool and mad

on either side near neighbours

whereas evils smelt vile, cool's

aura betrayed a past era's use

of the herbal cigarette :lol: bet.

Mad had a hint of bile which

while undeniably not nice was

twice, at least, less noxious.

No wonder crying smiley and

rolling eyes seemed anxious

those stinkers so near to them

what emoticon could condemn?

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Smiled all the way through;-) lol... The history of emoticons is fascinating- Dating back to illuminated manuscripts, so the Devilish images are quite apropo...


Loved it.



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