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Poetry Magnum Opus



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And so the dance begins

with murmuring shuffling

to and fro spirits and thoughts

whirl through the Bony Calcified

Halls whose arches peer in awe

at all Heavens and Hells forgetting

they are follies gilded buttresses

against the unknowable Night


Here the warmth burns bright

Intimate messages from Fireflies

and Lovers -- Be wary of anything

making you feel Normal whisper

disembodied Freaks dumb

struck by the Abyss


Summarizing my relationship

to alcohol And I practiced the

Two Step and the Slam and

the common Polka back

room deals loud street

fights trying to beat

Potential into



Having seen the Ships behind the Moon

eventually barking becomes boring

new dances are sought with

Masters of Craft Belly Dance

Martial and Marital Tangos

Flamencos Modern

and Tribal


Testing the hypothesis of Meaning

One finds themselves squared

and rounded with Ancestors

Who insist that everything

has consequence we

are all responsible

for everything

Every Thing



And Friends and Strangers

speak Prophecy’s -- None

of us will be homeless

unless we choose

to be or the ever

astute A Black

Bird flies at



And its enough to be believed

intention and choice become

all important and then less so

blowback the wrestlings of

revolutions our essence

becomes part of the

Eternal Return


Ecstatic covered in sweat

just for a moment --

What it Is i cannot say


And like all Great Dances

Back to the Beginning

Again and Again


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Be wary of anything

making you feel Normal


The creed of the individual, but don't tribes survive on conformity?





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Thanks Badge for the response! Yes, i would say that may work as a generality, but on the other hand, Tribes imply fairly small, which in some case implies for a greater allowance for variation than let's say countries, where a certain 'invisible' norm is established and everyone unknowingly is expected to conform...


Many Thanks for reading & responding!



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Much more to assimilate here than a single reading can do justice to. St. 5-- "Testing the hypothesis of Meaning.. etc" endorses your astute "invisible" norm comment. Also enjoyed. G.

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Thank you G.! This is my favorite of my more recent spate of poems, I'm gratified you gained something as well;-)



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Many of your works take me to Horsehoe Canyon, Utah and its panels though I've never been: an open sky with billions of stars in an endless universe, images of ancestors, those who have come and gone, and the remnant, if only the speaker, that one lone voice, working with what has been left to make sense of it. This is another one of those poems, and I enjoyed it a lot.




PS - I know you just posted a new one as I'm finally getting to this one. :blush:

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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