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Poetry Magnum Opus

give me relief


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give me relief


from unimaginative prattle


from those who haven't read a book since school

and only vote on talent shows


from acres of tattoos

and wobbling flesh

with cell phones where an ear should be


from peeping thongs

and artificial breasts

with osmond teeth


from payday loans

no win no fee

but most of all


the masochistic love affair

of agatha christie and t/v


and save me sun on a new born day

with blackbirds high on the roof

to break the silence of dawns air

with simplicity and truth

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I chortled! Really a delight and a rant of age/wisdom. It feels 'right' although, as we have learned, voting on talent shows- may be the only place it actually counts;-) (aplogies for the cynical stance, too deep in collapse theology @ the moment)

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Spent some time recently in hospital under the auspices of our excellent NHS. Had time to reflect on a few things, particularly the stale fare of t/v. Glad I had a good book to read. Meanwhile back at the ranch ,I took a liberty and added some lines. :biggrin:

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We can never take the mute button for granted, Geoff. Whoever invented it should be sainted.





PS - Sometimes I point the remote at individuals around me and press mute. If only it worked that way!

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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