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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Dagger / 14 Years Later


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my heart
torn open when I think of you
caused your heart to be so untrue?

what we had was white and pure
but you never trusted it
always felt so insecure

and the awful thing about insecurity
is that it destroys all that’s good
and so your betrayal came to pass
just like I knew it would

it felt like a dagger had
plunged into my heart
the blood flowed thick and fast
it pooled on the ground around our feet
and ripped our souls apart

and despite the violence of our love’s death
I still cannot let you go
you placed a pain inside of me that day
making me a prisoner of sorrow

but if I’m ever to fall in love again
I know I have to leave your ghost behind
because although he beckons with seduction and melancholy
he’s actually so cruel and unkind

To receive love, you have to give it...

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