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Art & Artifice


If we are being honest

the color of progress is void

the smell of modernity’s discourse

is the ice metal and oil of a 10’000

megaton nuclear warhead planted

in my heart or the sound of corn

growing with the holocaust

of pests dying dying

to satisfy myths

of divine kings


We are involved in a Cold War against the Real

Our Secret Hopes lie exposed naked

beaten and abused. centuries

of psychology we are more

and more psychotic


Staring down

the green grass the old rose bush

the birch and the birds crickets

never blink their stochastic

codes claiming my hope

my fear my right my

wrongs are no

thing nothing


No! I am!

And it is Him or Me!

This arms race

Our mutual assurances


Of the importance

of what happens

on this warm rock

ever moving farther

and further and farther

and further from where

and here we came from



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Your title, along with lines such as, "dying/ to satisfy myths/ of divine kings" and, "centuries/ of psychology we are more/ and more psychotic" Provokes thoughts of the boundless historical imagination of man with all its egoism and human susceptibilities ... Of the tangible and the etheric, and of evolution or destruction. G. :smile:

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Progress seems to be in the view of the observer. Imagine actually touching a hydrogen bomb, realizing you might have to use it kill every living thing within a hundred miles. Some African tribes would face off every year, just out of spear range, where they would exchange shouted insults and throw spears that landed short. Perhaps the Olympics could have served that purpose, but now they are just TV money makers. I suppose humans will never return to living with the land. Your works always stir my antiquated brain, Doc. Looking back, I think my happiest days were growing up dirt-poor and appreciating every little treat that came my way. Thanks for the return trip.


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Thank you both! I'm up in the AdiRondacks on my cell pHone, but wanted to make sure to thank you good your kind replies. Juris

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It must be this new generation. I often think higher of people and it takes me a while to realize that I'm just a door mat. Is there a modern approach that's more rewarding? Why feed my friends? I mean, perhaps I should just do what they do: take pictures of their food to post online and show their friends. Pathetic.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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