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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Marbles! What a crackin' game.

Although some thought it funny.

We called 'em 'pops', played in the lane

an' used 'em just like money.

Smudge an' Peewee, Jim 'n' me

sent Gasworks kids a dare.

To a Sat'day morning jamboree

wi' everybody there.

Make a circle in the muck

an' each put five 'pops' in'

Take turns to 'plonk' an' trust to luck

for 'keeps' if you should win.


They didn't like our rules at all,

nor how we were a-farin'.

They 'plonked off' wi' a golfin' ball

but we'd a great ball-bearin'.

We cleaned 'em out by ten o'clock,

an' gathered up our 'pops'.

Put winnings in a sweaty sock

then of to do some 'swaps'.

Four marbles for a penny piece

down at the market stall.

Meant that we got a tanner each

an' we'd lost bugger all.

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