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Poetry Magnum Opus

Prague (Praha)


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These are, admittedly, tongue-in-cheek. A little overly dramatic, but there are no lies here.


Huitains for prague, or humour amidst the panic

Fearing Prague

This will be no mere diversion:
my past, my future will reside
in this shadow of incursion
onto great Europe's Central pride.
My present life is not so wide
as to be used for marking time;
Prague must therefore become the guide
to deem it lost or paradigm.

Anticipating Prague

With all the porn that I have seen,
with all the boys I've taken home,
for sex in Prague I am not keen:
it's only castle, keep, and tome.
A sidestep to the country loam
where none demand identity,
where feet and soul are free to roam -
the other possibility.

Experiencing Prague

I slept on stones at Jelenov,
beheld the stars that they but see,
was hurt before I could take off
and run to where I want to be.
Roaming Her land that is now free,
the iron drape tattered and torn,
Her testament's no mystery:
That we, like Faith, must be reborn.

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The city has a colourful history and escaped much damage of old architecture in WW2. Never been there myself but I've enjoyed the tales of friends who have, including yours G.

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I very much like your style and subjects, Marti. This piece is both open and mysterious. It's like pondering my own roots in eastern Europe. Though there are things I know about them, familiarities that I can sense, there are things that remain unsanswered. In all, a level of profoundness that gives me pause.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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