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Poetry Magnum Opus

Moiling with fog


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I watch the shifting lights of thought-- alive

one moment and then not. Peer through grey drapes

along the shore; then leave the shroud-clad earth

for little that's accessible beyond.

And don't recall the nourishment today:

Perhaps a bland repetitive routine's

to blame, or is it that my taste has changed

with age .Though I recall school dinners: all

the appetite and healthiness they shaped.

A teacher's kindness that confused my head

until I read: my grandfather rescued

her father, drowning from a war-claimed ship.

A girl called Grace.. So aptly named, who cared

enough to kindly ask a weeping boy,

"what is the matter?" Fostering a light

that life is worth the trouble after all.

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that life is worth the trouble after all.

A revelation from the small things.....I need to try to remember what you so easily and aptly tell us. I like sentimental, so I like this. :)

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A few kind words can make a huge difference to a care-worn child: yet, had my grandfather not saved her father's life from their torpedoed wreck in WW1; then she would not have been born and I would not have written this :smile:

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Well crafted blank verse and profound. These were the happenings of those times. Happened in my family, too, both mother's and father's side.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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