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Poetry Magnum Opus


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Dueling dualities,England, Scotland-Burns ghost
commands flames in the eyes of patriots
to torch the union jack blindfold as they host
rehearsals of the funeral that cuts
off the Westminster ghost pr-empting it's own
corpse. In a Scottish field rooks pick at a
scarecrow seeking blood-their feathers are torn,
taken imperceptibly. The scarecrow bares
teeth that bleed to the ghost of Burns
who teaches the scarecrow steps of independence,dance,
a paradigm within a pirouette that burns
the scarecrow stagnant in the raw conscience
of Scottish minds.A flag elevated out
of silhouette binds Scottish,Irish, welsh doubts.

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A thought provoking subject for those with a vested interest. In the modern world there seems little point in beating each other up with our respective pasts. Unity is strength, particularly at a time when our government seems to be the enemy of all ordinary working people. I suspect that North Sea oil and gas have much more to do with cries for Scottish independence than traditional fervour.

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I, with my limited knowledge, think of Bruce and Wallace, but I suppose that history has no bearing on the current controversy. Perhaps it should.

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David W. Parsley

Except for some punctuation, capitalization, and spelling quibbles, I like this quite a bit.


I hope that Geoff's interpretation of things falls upon one of many instigating elements, not a main thrust. Definitely agree that alliances of "ordinary" people must be assessed for effectiveness before hurrying to their dissolution. The corporations and other powers are becoming great. Too great. And potentially terrible. We need instruments capable of regulating, or even opposing, them.


Thanks Barry,

- Dave

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