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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Today I found myself lost
Sitting upon a large expanse of groomed green lawn
Enclosed on either side by the grand ivory arms of
Victorian architecture

In the distance
Beyond the trees the sea
Turbulent and indigo
Smashing away toward a smudged and foreign horizon

Heavy clouds above
Cold and grey
The messengers of transience and impermanence

And I thought of the mountain
Of familiar places
Feeling an unwanted coolness clutching at me

Fading dreams and dying passions
Like broken strings of pearls
Scattering onto marble floors

And a fatigue slithered through my mind
Poisoning my muscles
Strangling what remains of my youth

I must escape these constructs and impositions
These insidious tendrils of expectation and judgment
Growing like suffocating ivy out of the mouths and eyes
Of so many encircling my life

It is time to choose freedom
To fall into rhythm with synchronicity
It is again time for bare feet and soft sand
For sensuality, silences and happiness

To receive love, you have to give it...

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