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Poetry Magnum Opus

Eating Soft Boiled Eggs


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Eating Soft Boiled Eggs


It’s one of my earliest memories

The Latvian Grandparents The

special flowered cups being freshly

weaned it was too bitter too much

like the Womb’s enzymatic corpuscular

paradise having begun differentiation

waking in fear between snoring

elders Not Knowing Not Knowing

what lay before me let alone

what this was now alone at last

but still part of the raging push

and pull -- we still feel flowing

in the dank darkness

after midnights


When the Russian Artist asked

‘Do you like your eggs soft boiled’

having just landed on the shores

of The Great Work the night before

the only appropriate answer was

‘Yes Please’ To be surprised how

full of potential how yolk tastes yellow

How It Returns How It Returns to Before

How Elegua is always an egg with potential

and that moment of yielding the fertility

of Being and Becoming


The End and the Beginning transcending

and including at least so I think eating these

at the kitchen window standing above the sink

trying to come back to remember where I am

in the undifferentiated Suchness No Chicken

No Egg No Potential No Not Potential No Not

Chicken No Not Egg and as my Teacher said

‘Tap gently not for but because nothing else will

do and when it cracks, we’ll help clean off the shell’

Tap. Tap.


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David W. Parsley

Ruminitive, self-wry, fun.


Thanks Doc,

- Dave

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trying to come back to remember where I am


Almost "beatnik". Transcendant. Crazy, man. :)


Felt kinda odd after reading, but not badly so. It just, impacted. From the oddest moments come poems.

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How It Returns How It Returns to Before


Enjoyed the context and narrative and egg-speckledlation - I like an egg poem and this was a good one :rolleyes:

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