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Poetry Magnum Opus

Time Travel


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I walk through the world of far long ago,

and over the stones I step just so.

With regard to clothing I couldn’t feel tenser,

since I bought all my gear at Marks & Spencer.

I plan to reverse the work of the stolid old saint

and revert to religion both ancient and quaint.

If the Old Boy resists he'll depart to heaven,

following shots from my AK-47.

This is desperate work but it must be done

to preserve singularity under the sun:

there can be no greater act of inanity,

than mass conversion to Christianity!

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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An apt title....topical and with eloquent food for thought.

When one delves into history it becomes difficult to look upon religion with little more than anything but disdain. Rome was brutal in its enforcement of its religious views. Several wars were fought with the Jews in order to try and get them to accept the worship of the deceased Roman emperors as gods. The fighting was so fierce, the great city of Jerusalem was destroyed, and with it the ancient Temple Of Solomon was razed. Most famously the Christians were thrown to the lions by emperor Nero who blamed them for The Great Fire Of Rome. Later, after the empire had been Christianized, the believers in the old Roman gods were equally persecuted violently by Roman rulers

It seems that ever since, successive cultures have persisted in trying to inflict doctored religious views on the rest of the world. Ping Pong!

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Only one point on contention: MUST you have the gun? ;)


Graceful use of humour to unmask the warping of religion into tyranny.

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Randver Askmadr

I think the gun makes the time travel part. I am a student of many religions. I follow none, but have learned many things todays religions fail to tell their practitioners. Like how the bible was translated by King James After he was thrown out of the church. Just think what you would leave out or change just a little given the chance.

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Likely not to the intellectual taste of many, but then, it's mine.

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