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Poetry Magnum Opus

Confusion of Ideas

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

~ from only 4 triers on the set subject ("confusion") so not too boastful I hope. It was the winning entry for which you get nothing but a virtual egg of all things I thought I would share with you the sight of this beauty (which is so funny really). Anyway for what it's worth here it is ~


Confusion Of Ideas

Multifarious would-be advices on life are rife
seriously daft abut a tale from an old wife.
Some just verge on deleriously hilarious
flat-earthers, virgin-birthers, blatant liars
any known damn thing-deniers proliferate,
clinging to a flotsam truth like drowners
in a spate. Yours to pick in Wiki profusion
from steaming manure mounds, idealistic
unrealistic, confusion. Nothing sound have
I found except brain contusion in all such
profound inanity. In conclusion I went East
for some moment's sanity, a great wise man
to say the least, whose every recorded word
we have, he said, can truly be called: Confucian.


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