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Poetry Magnum Opus

All creatures..


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All creatures great and small seek higher ground:

their lives cowed, by a common predator

embarked upon it's ruthless yearly round.


For early June will drive the monsoon rain

like Shiva; to destroy-- and yet restore

a boon, where fish and money are the same.


But here: white flags of breath surrender to

our January hoar; and children stay

close by the fire side and mother's stew.


Who used to sing: her Johnny's gone to sea!

But now it's just that land they call "Away."

Where there's no charge for electricity.

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The world's largest weather system affects vibrant cultures and all life, from the Himalayas to Australia. Nature: taking and yet also giving.. Destruction and rebirth on an epic scale. But our developed little land struggles with parochial tsunamis of cold weather profiteers and political myths about social mobility; and desperate people are driven to consider non-existent deals, the way that sucker fish will follow sharks.

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As I return, I'm detecting a theme;-) A apt reflection on our current 'state' of change, a birds eye view of our stormy now.


Well, well done!



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