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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Gray clouds stream northeast, warm, moist air


just south of the jet stream joins the low pressure


counter-clockwise spin that sets the motion


sucking everything to its heights, throwing


water and debris outward in all directions,


even carrying bits and pieces hundreds of miles


as it travels to other areas to pulverize.




Afghanistan spins out of control, but kills


accurately. Where is there safety and reason--


Egypt, China Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon,


North America, Palestine, Qatar, Russia,


or any of South America or Africa,


each humanity tornado traveling


where it will?




Medical storms brew and churn within


us all, each fought with pills and tonics


and even hocus-pocus cures. Why do we


choose to suffer disabling radiation


and chemotherapy and spend fortunes


to live for a few more months of misery?


What about relatives who must watch?




There seem to be no cures. We all know


these phenomena will continue to their


inevitable outcomes. All will end, none


deserving storms, internal or those


seeming to seek us out. Why do we continue


to be faithful to our angels on the shoulder?

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Life it seems, is an ocean of problems where the young, fit and able will negotiate the surf with incessant energy. But the sad fact is : the majority of our brief life-spans, are spent just stood balancing on one metaphorical foot, waiting for someone, or something to push us over.....I agree with Juris. "Bleak but very human". Geoff.

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Why do we continue
to be faithful to our angels on the shoulder?


Theological --and poetic-- wow. I will now have to go back and read some more leftist, liberation theology.


Also was moved by:


What about relatives who must watch?


Not sure about this being bleak, though. Not sugar coated, obviously.....maybe brutal? Keep writing, Paco.

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