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Poetry Magnum Opus

River Tripping

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

Along the Nile athwart a pyramidic crypt

the wind billows in the sails of a felluca,

that distinctive sailing vessel of Egypt.

There under its cover sucking on a hookah,

a turban headed native and another brother

sprawled out in the stern, as each smoked

their pipes then swapped, turn by turn.


The boat slipped past the tombs of Kings

they did not heed these mundane things

but leisurely joked, languishing lazily.

Their factotum, fishing, threw his net;

his bosses drew deeply through the wet

recepticle that cools the shisha bowls,

and slowly soothes their inner souls.


The age old craft took a sudden lurch,

Omar hauled up a goodly catch of perch.

The masters smiled, looking up, they knew

what wives would be cooking up, tonight;

could sense and taste flesh within the tents.

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An atmospheric insight to another culture. "The boat slipped past the tombs of kings/ they did not heed these mundane things" says much about human attitudes and priorities. Well done. Geoff.

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Agree with Geoff, loverly;-) 'What is this thing we call life?' I thought to myself walking back from taking pictures of crows, and the only answer was: Just this and I then I came in and read this poem, and its just this;-)


Enjoyed Frank!



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Frank E Gibbard

Cheers a bundle Doc you give such good feedback, should I call you Juris, I like Do. Thanks: Frank

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