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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Bullet

Randver Askmadr

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Randver Askmadr

The Bullet


We were both on patrol

On that fateful day

When a snipers bullet

Took my buddy's life away

I heard the shot ring out

I saw my buddy fall

I yelled his name out loud

But he never heard my call

They say it never happened

That my buddy never fell

The shooting was imagined

And I can never tell

But I know what happened

On that tragic day

When that snipers bullet

Took my buddy's life away.

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The harsh reality of conflict gives an alternative side to the poetic perspective of Brett Harte's "What The Bullet Sang." Well done. G.

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Frank E Gibbard

Wow this is real gritty stuff I am lucky to have no knowledge of Randver. Quite a thing to have to recall most unfortunately for you and similar others beset by conflict. How upsetting generally it must be. Frank

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