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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Ghosts are whispering through cracks in memory’s

Glass, telling stories that conflict, outside rain

Is disguised as snow, my history

Is concealed by decay. Death has been vain

Altering costumes contantly-with flames masked as

Tears, he uses dreams like a watchtower sweeping

Graveyards for the newly deceased to amass

Them like a collection of suits waiting

To be worn by those ready to be born. I

Existed passively in life like a paper

Plane left and slowly death revealed his wry

Disguise as a pilot then a folder

Of paper making a mask –the reapers

Tears burn. A grave is the final mask I will wear.

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Certainly seasonal;-) I found this vision of Limbo, to be fascinating, if a bit bleak, still some stunning images.


Enjoyed on a rainy october day;-)



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I like your poem: it made me think of William Blake's biblical picture of "Death On A Pale Horse". Of how such personifications have survived through pantheons of ancient gods and the intolerances of monotheism. For man has always nurtured a propensity for twisting 'veils' of imagination relating to his fate...And whether or not there is life after death.

I also thought of "Dan Dare, Pilot Of The Future," from 1950s radio, whose alien protagonist, "The Mekon" had a huge, highly developed cranium, stuffed with superior knowledge, but supported only by a puny physique.

Perhaps that is where the burgeoning mask of hi-tech imagination is leading our progeny. Though I recall an old wartime saying that, "a convoy is only as fast as it's slowest ship."

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my history

Is concealed by decay.


Had the intended effect of making me maudlin. Great use of near-rhyme here, too.

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David W. Parsley

Yeah, I like this one, Barry. Very atmospheric. The image of personified Death is disturbingly familiar and alien at the same time, iconic. (I like Geoff's commentary above.) Like dc, I like the use of assonance and slant rhyme, enjambment. And the recorded reading is well done. An enjoyable experience.



- Dave

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