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Poetry Magnum Opus

Tic-Tac-Toe [R]


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"Can I get your usual?" She said.

And the man, (a friend of a friend, who'd had her,)

cracked a lascivious smile.

"You look tired!" He muttered.

"Burning it both ends!" She said, serving him.

Beer squirted into a tilted glass

she held with practised ease;

amber, cool, nursed to a creamy head.


"Got shit-faced Friday and screwed the postman!" She said.

"Shagged a mate on Saturday who's parted from his wife:

then, spent Sunday with an old girl friend

who keeps pestering me for sex...

I like girls too--" she smiled sweetly,

"but they can be such bitches.

Keep saying that I'll give them up!"


"You do couples too?" The man proferred.

"Tried it a few times," she smiled wryly;

"always ends up with me the focal point."

"Still, if you enjoy it---" he said.

"Tic-tac-toe" she laughed, "no winners!"


I perused the particles of inner space

that swirled within my drink.

Thought of galaxies:

billions of stars, light years of creation,

black holes, gravity and dark energy.

Touched on eternity and then--

three score and ten.

And wondered--

if the spark of life returns to infinity

after it's vessel has been tapped....


A rotting sailing ship came to mind,

with shredded sails that no longer catch the wind.

I shrugged---

Was tempted to think of Popeye and Olive,

but decided not to go there.

Accepted that every thing is stardust

and finished my drink.


The barstool twirled as I stood up

and walked towards the door....

"A most peculiar man," I heard her say.

"He seldom speaks!"

Recalling her "tic-tac-toe"

I smiled, then left.

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Geoff, this is absolutely delightful! A cosmological Bukoski... The depth of the naturalist with the keen insight of physicist. This is my (new) favorite of yours. I loved it!



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Thanks Juris. They say you're never alone with a book--- but people can be just as stimulating. Even if you choose not to interact. :biggrin:

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It's as though you are seeing your sojourn at the bar as ironic as it gets. Your characters are created by their words, and I can almost touch them. To me, bars are poetry.

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Accepted that every thing is stardust


I would have had to have finished the drink FIRST before realizing that, and you did it sober. :)


Brings back many memories -good, bad, indifferent- of the bar days.....I agree with Paco above.

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Thanks guys. It takes all sorts to make a world and there's few more instantly intimate places to witness it than in a public bar. Cheers. G :smile:

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