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Poetry Magnum Opus

Days of the Dead


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Days of the Dead


It is the season of Fet Ghede

the riotous Dia de los Muertos

and almost 20 years of feeding Baba

Omolu part Albert Schweitzer part

Ah Puch and I sit amazed by

at least 1000 blank pages

30 years of accumulation


Of good intentions I was conscripted

to be a cartographer of insides

snuggled in down and wool

with lilting draiskulis tales

by my mother 19 years

gone understanding

perfected of


All those lives we live:

Displacement -- War -- PHD --

Parent of -- Storytellers --

Rebels -- Voodoo --

Fatherhood --

Ex Post Facto Grandmother --


A girl who carries her first name

as her middle 13 years already

engaged in games of topology

and orienteering


Those notebooks with a few pages marked who

moved from shelves to boxes to storage to shelves

again All a wasted potential or so I thought staring

through the Days of the Dead the time of year

after all to sit and think about blank pages

their origins and how the pulp from every

tree would never be enough

NO never could be enough

to map even one moment

This our living Mystery.

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Your opening stanza sent me on an educational safari of cultural celebrations.

" Of good intentions I was conscripted/ to be a cartographer of insides" --and the ensuing Latvian, "lilting draiskulis tales" etc: projects (for me) a sense that no matter what we experience or achieve, there is always so much more ahead of us to understand. Much enjoyed Geoff.


Li Nan Fet Ghede!


"Life is short,! Break the rules.

Forgive quickly, kiss SLOWLY.

Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably.

And never regret ANYTHING

That makes you smile."

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Sorry to say, and hope my noir mood does not infect, this experience of life draws me down to bleak memories. Hopefully, others will find joy in the same words. I think of all the billions of words written with good intent, never to be read. I think of wonderful lives lived that fade with the lover's memory. I think too much. Still, I am here now to read Juris' wonderful words.

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The origin of blank pages. Um, wow. I have been blocked for months now and I see you can delve into the "blankness" and find something. Nice one, Juris.

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Many thanks fellows! Yes Franklin it can be taken in both directions. Geoff glad you engaged in the trans cultural landscape.. And Marti, indeed if I'm really stuck, I sometimes Engadget with my stuckness :-) sometimes a prem comes sometimes I stay stuck. Many many thanks all!

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