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Poetry Magnum Opus

Smashing Mirrors - Revised version


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Smashing Mirrors

let's face each other and hold the mirrors up
because everything is ending
and our feelings have fallen apart

let's abandon them

this pointlessness
- I must confess -
has made me so weary
of the remnants of our decaying love

a cold and persistent precipitation
a sad reminder of what we cannot create

I suppose that's why I get satisfaction
smashing the mirrors inside of me
that reflect the memories
we've made together

the destruction feels good
it shifts the resonance of our awkwardness
with shattering sounds that free us both from
our glass cages

once my love and tenderness
you now symbolize sorrow and pain
the possible demise of an aspect of me

once so pure and clean and open
now contaminated by vitriol and judgment

I reel in this destructive space
and smash the mirrors one by one
no longer wishing to see what is reflected
all of those haunting promises that were not kept

let me go
and in letting go set me free from this
your Judas kiss

the impulse of abandonment is something I now understand
so let’s just turn and walk away
freeing each other as we do

To receive love, you have to give it...

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