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Poetry Magnum Opus

commuter conversations


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Who is the I behind I,

who is the me behind me?

I don’t think it really matters,

not personally, and not for you either,

if you don’t mind my saying so.


We are sitting together on this train,

and you seem to want a conversation,

first with comments about the weather,

and then a transition to cricket scores

in which I have no interest.


Let us consider instead the Ego,

which all of us seem to possess,

and this acts as a form of definition

in our contact with social life

in general, and in the emotionally particular.


This possibly leads to the conclusion

that actions and beliefs … I beg your pardon,

I see you wish to return to your newspaper,

in which all of the things I mention

make nonsense of the narrative.

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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As a former bus and subway rider I can say this exactly captures the situation. Really enjoyed it.

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Nicely rounded piece with flexible connotations.. One of those times when being alone does not equate with being lonely. :smile: G.

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