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Poetry Magnum Opus

Good Bye Julia

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Good Bye Julia




Operator can you please

help me place this call?

Something is in my eyes.

Isn't this the way they say it goes?



You see Julia thank you for your time.

You have been more than kind.




My good luck charm

was your soothing voice

ringing in the hallway.

But like a candle

that blows out in the wind

it is time for you to move on.



Every time I try I to tell you

I know It is kind of strange

the words just came out wrong.

I run out of things to say

I know you would understand.

The melody of a song I speak

or a poem I write just for you.

Maybe I could hum it to you

on your way up to heaven

on that old faithful stairway.



The last time

you walk out the door

there is something

I just got to say.

It is getting kind of late

you know?



Every time I try to tell you

the words just came out wrong

that I just needed to talk

to someone because I feel all alone.

Now the alarm clock is ringing

and I have to wake up

from this heavenly grandeur.



So I have to say to you

in an old fashion poem.

I will miss you

from the bottom of my heart

like photographs and memories

that I treasure so dearly.

That I hold near and dear

being sacred to my

eternal beating bleeding heart.



Your thoughts that takes me to

another time and another place.

Like the gentle wind

that caresses your face

or the falling rain on your body

to show you the tears

falling down my face.



I will always cherish

the time you spent with me.



It is now time to say goodbye.

Till we meet again

in the walk of life's journey.

Remember the last star light

we talked and embraced

until we meet again

on Earth's horizon.



It is all heavenly bliss

I want you to know.

And that is how

I want you to remember me

despite my suffering

that is not forever.

I want you to know this

that I see the light

at the end of the tunnel.

I promise you...



Goodbye my counselor.

Your counsel has been sound.

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

there are parts from 4 of his songs in this piece lol.. As soon as someone mentioned his songs I would have come clean. If I sold this for money I would give him due credit, but he has been deceased for what like 41 years I believe. He died to young for sure. Julia is my counselor and she is moving on at the end of the year. She is married or I might word things a tad bit different and still keep it professional of course.




Jim Croce was a beautiful soul... as soon as i decided to write a poem for my psychological therapist last night my counselor the songs of Jim Croce just popped into my head. My Counselor last Monday told me she is moving on in a few weeks and I only have like 4 or 5 sessions left with her. You see we really gel because she likes a lot of my poetry. it makes me sad, but i understand in life moving on is a part of life and i appreciate the time spent together. i am glad we bounded but such is life. I will certainly miss her for sure. *sighs*... i looked up the lyrics to the song you mentioned. what a beautiful song that hasn't gotten much airplay if it ever did. I only have 2 of his 6 album releases I believe. I have bad bad Leroy Brown and his greatest hits not the remastered version. thanks for stopping by. your remarks and taking a look at my work here means the world to me especial a poem i will treasure long after her memory has faded from my thoughts....

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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despite my suffering
that is not forever.


Very jolting, but in a positive way. :)

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A lovely sentiment Victor and thank you for this welcome reminder of a wonderful artist, whose songs I enjoyed playing back in the 70s. As a guitarist I meticulously arranged Photographs and Memories, Time in a Bottle, I love You in a Song and New York Ain't my Home, for people I worked with at the time. Arthritis hasn't reached the fingers yet so instead of standards like Misty and The Shadow of Your Smile, I'll have a pleasant therapeutic afternoon tomorrow remembering Jim Croce. Best wishes to you. G.

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David W. Parsley

A touching tribute, Victor. There are few gifts so fine as a kindred spirit.



- Dave

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