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Poetry Magnum Opus



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My tome of memories almost overflows,

but levels as ghosts escape to balance

added lines of life.

It stands upon a shaky shelf, its cover

worn, yet still protective of the flow,

glorious or deathly.

I turn pages randomly, like

a book store browser, lingering

here, skimming there.

I possess this singular copy,

undecipherable to any other,

as are all our guarded diaries.

Though too painful to edit,

some passages cry out for change

but cling like honey or burrs.

Too soon it will fall away,

its leaves and chapters scattered,

echoes merging into nearby tomes.

Still, it refuses to be discarded;

I guard it selfishly, stubbornly

holding it close to my core.

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I like your analogy and thoughtful imagery. The piece is personal and at the same time draws a readers empathy for we all have "passages that cling like honey or burrs" in our personal tomes. "Lingering here, skimming there." Provokes a thought that perhaps the essence of our life is viewed to best effect like an oil painting, from a little distance; assuming the good 'leaves' outnumber the bad. :smile: I particularly liked the last three lines which work well with your title. Enjoyed. G.

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Love the book analogy, and REALLY liked:


as ghosts escape to balance
added lines of life.


Poignant piece.

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Marti & Geoff, I can always depend on you to find something positive in my ramblings; thank you. I do think of all our memoirs as unique and impossible to share completely, thank goodness.

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More than positive Paco! A bit of brilliance, I too have these hoarder moments both literal and figurative have been trying to de-hoard as of late and find those loose pages to difficult to let go;-)


Many Thanks,



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Thank you, Doc. I believe that writers often share almost identical thoughts about the way of things.

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I love how the speaker sees value in it. He "guards" it selfishly, stubbornly and holds it "close" to his "core."


There are poems I've written which I've read many times, but there are times in my days, nights, weeks, months, and years when I can't read them, because they take me somewhere I can't bear to be in the moment. Same with many images I've found online and saved, images I love but won't look at. It's like that with certain music for me, too.


Tony :unsure:

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Great insight, Tony. I can't listen to "Taps," or Jimi Hendrix blowing away "The Star Spangled Banner" without suffering an emotional storm.

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