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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Our skins separate us even

as their touch communicates



Eyes read signals from other

eyes, unspoken language



Your perfume or sweat tells

me come here or hold your



Your words appeal or even

blast me back with love or



I taste your lust or reluctance

of lush or thin lips and



There are also emanations

sent from and received in


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I taste your lust or reluctance


Richly erotic, dense with.....passion. Another emotive one.

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One that drips with the complexities, eroticism and ambiguities of human sensation... that we are never too old to appreciate. :smile: Well done! G.

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Thank you, Marti & Geoff. I feared this one to be too gimmicky, using the senses to relate connections in the "human condition." The words are much more complex in my mind than they might appear as written.

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