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Poetry Magnum Opus

Two weeks in Milan (new, edited ending)


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I can feel you moving below me
As I walk through the rooms
It’s as though there’s a plumb line connecting us
And I can sense its tugging
As we walk past each other
On different floors

On still mornings
I can smell your delicious eau de toilette
As it wafts up and then though my open bathroom window
It’s such a strangely sexy and intimate moment for me
Each time this happens
Leaving me daydreaming
And brushing my teeth for far too long

And on Sundays when you put on Tori Amos
And you like to play her really loud
And I really love that

As she weaves her languidly seductive lyrical fantasies
Sometimes I feel as if we are moving
In the same direction together
All tangled and entwined in the music

And I wonder
What you’re wondering about
Looking out at the same view
Over the city that glimmers before both of us
Filled with its secrets and countless stories

Now that I’m writing this
And leaving tomorrow morning
It kind of makes me regret
Not having ever had the courage
To invite you up one evening

The consequence of a timid and broken heart


To receive love, you have to give it...

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Not having ever had the courage
To invite you up one evening


Permeates the whole poem. I was prepared for "something" sad, but this was MORE. Boy, is this piece understandable!

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