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Poetry Magnum Opus

Singing Axes

Randver Askmadr

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Randver Askmadr

We came upon a midnight clear

To raid as was foretold

From way up north we sailed down here

To steal your chests of gold

Your village and your little town

Will make your church bells ring

While the world waits and listens

To hear our axes sing


And through the wind tossed seas we came

With dreadful sails unfurled

And still our hellish music floats

And makes you scream like girls

Above your sad and high pitched screams

The glorious battle rings

And ever over the battle sound

The blessed axes sing


You fall beneath our crushing blows

Your lives are running out

We take your women to our ships

You run and cry and shout

Look not for mercy nor reprieve

Death comes on burning wings

Rest now your weary soul, gods man

And hear our axes sing


And now your death is hastening on

By my axes you shall die

Blood is flowing freely now

It is time to say goodbye

And when you meet your god on high

Tell him just one thing

A Norseman sent you to your grave

And made his axes sing

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The old monkish prayer: "From the fury of the Norsemen, O Lord, deliver us!" rang through this. Solid imagery.

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One to stir the blood. You can imagine the scops chanting in long houses to appreciative pagan ears. The Norsemen truly left their mark on history for many reasons. Enjoyed.

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Randver Askmadr

Yes Badge, It started as a filk of It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, but I decided it was a good poem too.


I thank you all for the comments.

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