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Poetry Magnum Opus

Return From The Mine

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

Beneath our daylight miners plied their labour,

Risk of death and disaster was near neighbour

Uptop-living folk would surely never entertain,

Preferring safely in the benificent air to remain.


In tight dark corridors brave men pay a big toll,

Hard as deep as black as low-lying elusive coal.

Safe close at home, wearily restive, women wait,

Eyes dart often at slow moving clocks if he's late.


A stir or two of hubby's stew is all there is to do,

He'll fall indoors knackered this she surely knew.

All fear ever to hear the sound of the mine alarm,

Indicating underground somebody stood in harm.


The time arrived that fateful day a shift was down

When disaster then death moved into mining town

Klaxens wailed, bowls and meal plates were thrown;

From deep within throats arose the collective groan.


Towards the pit-head a great tide of women hurried,

Dumb to all, too frightened, too empty, too worried.

Along the company streets town residents streamed,

Soon to live that nightmare many had often dreamed.


Around the pit front office the streaming crowd poured

Had anyone seen "me husband" a crying wife implored.

Officials told them to get back, allow the ambulances in,

Men kitted for descent said they'd save the kith and kin.

Weight of history warned the ladies such as "it" can await,

Each time they wait trepidatiously for a clinking at the gate.

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Applicable to so many whose spouses face danger:


too empty, too worried.


Nice homage.

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This is excellent work to echo Barry-- My favorite of yours in the last year or so -- The images, the attention to detail capture the scene perfectly. Very impressed!



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