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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Future Arrives at Midnight


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The Future Arrives at Midnight


Midnight Calls

with an instrumentalized voice

a long cacophony of mechanized

sounds imitations anthropomorphized

cuckoos engines anvils drums flutes

sonic serenades letters saying

You are not alone in your

lovelorn loneliness!


Not then

but very soon after

the digital replaces

even cold comfort

an analog ‘Tock’


Indeed Children

there was a time before

the arrival of our Flatland

Futures even before illicit

lovers met beneath gas

lamps the fickle frivolity

of formal parties suited

for tawdry intrigues

or Steam bellowed

trying to escape

the inevitability

of Hellbound


Trains cutting

across simulations

of Civilization shouting

We Stole Fire were chained

to a rock for this? Abuses

of Freedom For a Few

mocks our hard

won divinities


Before Abstractions

bound Transcendence

We just knew it was Time

to head to the crossroads


Time to

Negotiate with Moments

Make a pact with the Primal Spark

Throw Dice with the Demiurge

Dance and Dream and Frolick

in the liminal space between

the pages of our Books

of Days and Nights


To See

and to Know

The Gods of

Silence and Chance

to worship the Purpose

beyond the calculus of Heaven

the fecund algorithms of Earth


To seek

the company and community

that flourishes at Three Ante

Meridiem those who consider

Midnight to be a poor country

cousin who watches but will

not enter the Event Horizon


No matter

how desolate desperate foolish

Here among the Host having

remembered Dusk sensing

the projections of Dawn

if one pauses or as the

Friends of Buddha

proclaim STOP


Indeed stop

without distraction

without the Digitized Self

hypnosis of Me Mine Ours

The badly written and blood

soaked required readings

of economics Give it up!

for a little while


Greed’s Gratification

His servile lackeys their grotesques

their self-serving table manners

Privilege! Power! Prosperity!

Without them We can


Make love

sit and eat

drink tea wine or

far stranger brews

maybe pure waters

in a simple wooden bowl

sharing the Breath and

the Beat the Absence

will fill us to bursting


Obliterating topographies

ontologies of exclusion reminding

us of our animate colleagues and allies

The Ecstatic Company: Particles and their

molecular Palaces architects of our companions

be they Angelic or Demonic be they seen or invisible

if they walk fly crawl preambulate or just respond

to Gravity’s High Priests and their heavy Masses

these original Masons gave form to Life’s Dream

and delineated Death’s Follies with its low jests

and high minded pratfalls giving us purpose

and syntax and grammars for our little

stories a face and a character

to Time’s Unknowable

progress Our Future


We digress

That’s how it is waiting for guests

in the wee hours without cultured impositions

Right Wrong try to soothe our fear of the Setting

Will this be the last time? We wonder

Will we recognize the Future when we see it? We fret

Every Thing becomes Everything Chaos

is unadorned and heartbreakingly

beautiful and yet


There is


A movement

Our Company arises!


How could

we forget Rise is necessitated

by Set?


The Future

has arrived

once again.


Pull up

a chair!


Join us

and tell


We are

dying to know!


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Reminds me of the breathlessness of "Howl". Loved these gems:


We Stole Fire were chained

to a rock for this?


before illicit

lovers met beneath gas



Throw Dice with the Demiurge


How could

we forget Rise is necessitated

by Set?

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Thank you! Glad you found something of worth in this rant;-) Inspired by misreading an e-mail subject -- The Future Arrives at Midnight ;-) And I spent an hour contemplating what a wonderful poem that would make, decided to ask the sender if I could steal his subject, only to discover it said nothing of the kind;-)



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I like this. There's so much to savour.. from the mythological and religious connotations, to the humour I found in "the company and community/that flourishes at three Ante/ Meridiem those who consider/ Midnight to be a poor country/ cousin". Much enjoyed... An insomniac. :biggrin:

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