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Poetry Magnum Opus

West Cork Sense And Sensibility


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Before the Poles and all the rest got there,

I drank the Guinness and after just two weeks,

a downy fuzz appeared on my bald pate.

And it occurred vaguely to me, that I

had rarely seen a chrome-domed Irishman

between Youghal, Kinsale and Skibbereen.

And no one mentioned eighteen forty seven,

or Michael Collins and the other boys.

Whilst in the shop.. Always a blithe: "Hello!

Good morning sorrh! And how are you today?"


An old man by the peat fire in a pub,

spoke lengthy sentences at me in Erse;

so I replied in German... then he said:

"Would ye be knowin' any English sorrh?"

I said "yes!! But 'twas you that started it!"

Two cheeky faced colleens chorused aloud:

"He's got no filurum.. he's lost his ding durum..

So maids when you're young never wed an auld man!"

The landlord threatened me with hickory...

I bade him: "Keep the faith!" And made retreat.

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Had to look up Erse. :)


An image popped right into my head, sensory, clear as day:


An old man by the peat fire in a pub


This seems SO first hand experience; I assume YOU'RE the speaker?


When co-workers and I were in Peterborough for 3 weeks --OMG! back in 2004-- we went excursioning one weekend and stopped for directions and a WC break....None of us were EVER the Ugly American tourist,but just because we were obviously not "locals", the tension in that pub off of one of your M's was palpable. That's why I can REALLY connect with:


I bade him: "Keep the faith!" And made retreat.

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The south west coast of Ireland is stunningly beautiful and there is a living culture of traditional music to be enjoyed. Erse or Irish Gaelic can be heard spoken, though I always said I'd go back purely for the sight of the wild Atlantic thrashing on the rocks. I rented a house in Clonakilty, watched locals ride horses on the sandy beaches and drove extensively from Kinsale to Bantry. The people I met mostly had a genteel Irish way about them, considering the history between our nations. The EU seems to be a bone of contention these days.

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Yes, indeed yes: The immediacy of the poem was transporting and deeply enjoyable. A fine work of almost love? Maybe Awe? But regardless masterful.



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