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Poetry Magnum Opus

That Summer


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Do you remember us
Sitting together in our favourite cafe
Surrounded by the vibrancy of the night
Imbued with love
And lush candle light

Those endless days of happiness
Filled with seduction and laughter
And beauty and tenderness

That languid summer
Spent within the dappled light of forests
And on rocky footpaths
Climbing mountains together

Back then I had no idea that you’d
Eventually abandon me
Leaving me broken and alone
High up on a mountain top

You left me there with a thorn in my chest
And a savagely torn heart
Spilling out half-expressed confessions
And bleeding acquiescence
As you ripped our love apart

To receive love, you have to give it...

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And bleeding acquiescence


That's one of the most dramatic and powerful lines (even in isolation from the stanza) I have seen in a while!

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