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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Flowers do they have ghosts?-when will it reach

Heaven’s ground blood death drew with a ghostly

Thorn. Songs are interwound, rook and robin watch

And mourn at the passing of a fruit tree.

I stole a rose from the grave next to my

Lovers, the moon peels the night away death shaves

Me with his knife-he whisper’s his alibi,

It was not him-the sun and moon are thieves

Weaving frail narratives, my love did not

Leave she will shake a spectral tree releasing

The fruit making it fall for eternity, brought

To heaven’s tree by dead relatives waiting

For earthly rain to resurrect the trunk

And shrivelled roots to make an eternal link.

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Hmmm, seems like you used some sneaky near-rhyme with those ending consonants. That's very difficult to do. Kudos. :)


Loved the compound noun "blood death".


I just think "whisper's" should be "whispers", with no apostrophe.

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David W. Parsley

Niiiiice sonnet, Barry! Excellent use of action verbs, spare phrasing, exquisite near-rhymes - there is a lot to like here. Here moves the ache for the loved one situated in the context of family and the world's continuity.


Well Done,

- Dave

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