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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Way


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I walk my chosen road,

now only in my mind,

but remembering every

hill and dale and turn

along the wonderful way.


Companions, now gone, fill

my mind with thoughts of art

and shared literary meanings.

They return and make me relive

times of mental joy.


Even tired footsteps relived,

bring joy of uniqueness.

The closeness of our understanding

opens new venues in my mind,

renewing the best of living.


No times will ever return,

except in memory, but they

are as real as when we struggled

along the way with walking


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Please forgive my absence. I shall try to do better.

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It's good to hear from you again my friend: The longer we live, it seems the more physically alone that we are prone to become; (with so many kinds of walking sticks along the way :-) but an active mind is a wonderful counter reflected in your uplifting lines....I particularly liked: "Even tired footsteps relived,/ bring joy of uniqueness." Best wishes, Geoff.

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Geoff stole my thunder. I was going to quote that exact same line: Even tired footsteps relived.....


History isn't just facts. It's also the way we incorporate it into out present. My DC past is more "real" than this "unreal" Texas present. Your poem was posted quite timely. :)

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