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Poetry Magnum Opus

My Desert Love


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Oh my desert love
Warrior of loneliness and solitude
You have shown me your secrets
And a new way to exist

Red billowing strands of silk
Resplendent against the golden dunes
Blowing out toward me
Like your quiet controlled passion
Which awakens things that I did not know existed
Deep within my soul

And your eyes speak of ancient wisdoms
As we stand within the swirling heat and dusts
For they have witnessed many things
The passing dances of men and women
Through the ages who thought that time was theirs to own

My wandering love
Who holds my face softly between rough and gentle hands
How still your knowing
How direct the impartation of your enlightenment
I feel the strands of your dark hair dancing across my cheeks
Soothing me
With the subtle fragrances of sandalwood and patchouli

You teach me conversation without words
You show me the expansive peace that comes from the sky
You reveal to me the language of the earth and the cosmos

When your feet lift from the ground
And you dance toward the full moon
And I am left alone walking these mysterious sands
I continue to feel your presence
For you have pulled away the veil
Revealing the interconnectivity of everything
Silver strands of pulsating love bursting
Between the universes

I look to the stars during freezing evenings alone in this expansive desolation
And I feel serenity
The touch of angels and ancestors
You are always with me even though I may seem alone
You have placed a glowing star within the centre of my being

To receive love, you have to give it...

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Loved the mystical intensity here:


The touch of angels and ancestors


Solid imagery, definite emotion throughout.

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