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Poetry Magnum Opus

Gold Silver Brass and Steel


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oxygen is life
but it cuts like a knife
and I will still go
even though I might breathe it tomorrow
but I will see you in one hundred years
and I will see you through a tear
and yet I don’t really know for how long
and I don’t know why life turns the wrong way around
and leaves our bodies in the ground

but you
do you come from within the water
or from just beside
like a crystal vase in the autumn
a crystal vase beside my side
I saw you shining pure
I saw you waving
like a butterfly in the North Pole
or like solid earth pulsating

you are rare and you are strong
and yet I don’t understand the words of your song
like a distant whisper
or a distant laugh
like pure crystal
just like pure glass

I don’t want you to fade from me
for that matter
let’s run through fields of daisies
let’s get covered by the grass
let the pollen kiss us

if you go away
I may follow you
until my final day
I might hunt you down around the
and if I find you
perhaps it will be worth it

you seem pure to me
made clean and white
like the magic, cleansing power of the night
like a child
like the rain
like the beauty of birth pain

let’s dance among dry tulip petals
let’s adorn our heads with nature’s precious metals
gold and silver
brass and steel
let us journey like a wheel
and round
the earth and back
to that place
the sacred plain

let’s sing a cosmic song
let’s suck in life
good and strong

you are not cotton
you are not denim
you are fine silk
and pure white linen
edged with rubies and with song
honey kisses
and soft, green lawn

To receive love, you have to give it...

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and if I find you
perhaps it will be worth it


And THAT is always the risk. Delightfully captured.

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