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Poetry Magnum Opus

Full Moon


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I am soliciting compliments
From the bone china
Scattered around me in the moonlight
A fragile and brittle nocturnal waif
Influenced by the silver glow
Of the full moon

Abandoned at a dinner table
Al fresco
I am left with prayers and questions
Which leak from my cracked throat
Staining the air with barely audible sobs
That are scorned by the sugar cubes
Arrogantly sparkling in the light of the night

And now I am chasing shadows
Through dark hedges
They shape shift and vanish
From between my clutching fingers
Like the ghosts of bats and memories

This cloak of trance-like illumination
Is an opiate to my soul
Causing hallucinations I desire to stir away
Like sugar swirling in hot tea
But I have lost my silver spoon
And I cannot find it
In the long grass beneath me.

To receive love, you have to give it...

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One of your very best. I particularly like the most human cadence and implications of those last three lines. Well done.

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NEVER have I read such a unique simile:


Like the ghosts of bats and memories


Evocative (like eclipse said) AND unique.

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