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Poetry Magnum Opus

A kind of serendipity.


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The wind it seems, has rain within it's tail:

as churning turbines march relentlessly

to occupy green fields... outnumber trees.

And now, black gold beneath the pleasant South

gives rise to wry smiles in my ravaged North.

Sly politicians fondle greasy hands

while silk pyjamas slide from derrieres

that mark us all the same.. And is

an exodus of NIMBYs imminent

to claim the warm Mediterranean?

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while silk pyjamas slide from derrieres

that mark us all the same


I feel sort of ashamed to not think that you guys, across the big drink, had the acro NIMBY, too.

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Thanks marti. In this small country injustice and nepotism can be seen quite clearly. The recent discovery of vast oil reserves beneath South East England (that will rival Kuwait) has had very little coverage in our national media; probably due to the impending general election on May 7th. The North of England has been industrially exploited for 200yrs and then laid waste as modern technology boomed. The so called 'home counties' of the south were always protected as green belt land, where the better off and politically astute tend to live and thrive. This has caused a massive social divide and inequality in our country which has never been properly addressed. G.


Re: NIMBYs. It seems a tsunami of acronyms, initials and text-speak abbreviations are being universally adopted into modern speech. I recall one that used to make me shudder during the cold war. ICBMs.

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