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Poetry Magnum Opus

A Grand Jury (Adult content and use of F-Bomb!)


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A Grand Jury


The Wasteland’s Homunculi bare

their reflective shields denied by the

dictates of Moore’s Law to grow larger

more complete their Masters evolution

is at a standstill due to Messages

passing across these refined mirrors

echoing back the Playground Bully

Pulpit the Abattoir’s rulings are final

and effective and supported by the



‘Bah, I say Bah but is this not Law?

Even if we march with shoulders slumped

rump’s held low Justice is served

(best with mint and mustard -- to serve both

to calm and to stimulate bile )

One for the Many and the Many for the One!’


The chirp of birds

the promise of freedom

the deniability of culpability

do not an absence make


Nor existential horror

Not sympathy for the Jury

Absolutely negative to your request

regarding Justice’s Eye Surgery!

Uh-uh those Money Lenders paid

for those Laws that Jail and Majority

opinion! Besides where would they go

without you?


Channeling the great bard Bukowski

I must add without a waiver or desire

to hold my pen before all their eyes

checking for nystagmus and declaring

‘If this is sober may I never be sober again!’

the Truth said plainly and clearly

‘Fuck that is the hardest

40 bucks ever earned’

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Language that embraces expansive themes, yet evokes for me a thumbnail image of hierarchical theatre; one where vested interests and establishment puppeteers manipulate-- deceive. Create their illusions to placate an avid audience that ranges from the gullible to the rabid. It must be this impending general election campaign of ours getting to me; for all sorts of skeletons have been rattling around. Your paraphrase made me smile as I recalled a childhood friend who used to toast: "All for one... and one for me!" Much enjoyed. G.

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Thanks, Geoff! Actually, I got selected for a New York State Grand Jury (Right? I don't know what they were thinking ;-) And I have seen a parade of inditements on 'Thought Crimes' much more tangible 'DUI' cases (hence the nystagmus reference) and just plain creepiness. The other 22 Jurors are fine people, concerned about the letter of the law and if the case should go to trial (which is how the Grand Jury process was framed for us) unfortunately, I'm aghast in some cases @ the horror show we call our legal system, its complicity in fueling corporate crimes, and that many felonies have nothing to do with 'civic' law, rather they are framed as capitalist contract violations: i.e. Meth Manufacture is not punished because of harm and danger to the community, rather it is framed as: Manufacture without a license. It has 0 to do with we the people but has everything to do with business practices. That revelation alone has given me an insight into our supposed Democracy that will haunt me for a long, long time.

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Your reply to Geoff's comment put your same insight into prose.


"Best with mint and mustard" is a classic jab. I have never read Bukowski but I have the feeling he was as intense as this is. Passion with a purpose.

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