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Poetry Magnum Opus



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I can feel the brush of imminent freedom
Against my cheek
And the smooth soft energy of this touch
Flows like a stream to my heart
Sending a waterfall of liquid light
Plummeting into my soul
Through its cracked and broken essence
The fragile shell of my mortality
A throbbing biological mechanism
Engineered by ethereal scientists

And how perplexing it is to journey
Through this void
When the palpable and intermittent resonance
Of Truth can be felt
Transmitted like Morse code
From the stars and orbs
Which hang within the limitless black ether
Like words whispered and lost on a deathbed

Our spirits swirl through the atmosphere
Carried as helplessly as leaves in the Autumn winds
Towards unseen destinies
Brittle expressions of our eternal shapes and forms
Who glide above us
Transparent puppeteers manipulating
The invisible strings that connect humanity
And make us One

I can feel the heat of silent words above my skull
A moist and silvery vapour
That creeps across my forehead like a curse
And condenses upon my brow like a blessing
In the distance she beckons to me silently
The woman in white
Her long thin hand extended
An ominous gesture of skeletal elegance
That speaks of transmutation and transience

And we grow and bloom with naïve passion
Germinating from a will that is not our own
The ephemeral and delicate expressions
Of another world
Trapped like the very thoughts
Which swirl in chaos within our brains
Static electricity
Condensed galactic molecules
Waiting to be released

To receive love, you have to give it...

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Very mystical. Tension is palpable. Loved this:


the heat of silent words

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