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Poetry Magnum Opus



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The Sun illuminates old leaded glass:

Through angel,martyr, ichthus and Chi-Rho.

It's iridescence, spiralling with dust

To settle on the mosaic mass below

An overt goodness. Spreading row by row

The ageless solar grout of constancy

That binds together.. all humanity.

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Of course I'd like this one of yours! "Agless solar grout".....what's not to like? The immediate image in my head: a memory of St. Botolph in Cambridge. Less harmful to my head than your other latest. ;)

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Just one of those puthering bubbles from the tar that pop up and splatter everywhere :biggrin: This form was introduced by Chaucer into our language and later adopted by the controversial King James 1st. Hence its name: "rhyme royal" . Cheers! G.

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