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Poetry Magnum Opus



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There are stories never told

narratives unravel and manifest

in peculiar ways often we are focused

on waves when the deeps care little

about the shores sundering craigs

into rocks broken over time


The truth is

pebbles and exoskeletons

inevitably become sand


And the Sages say

Infinity even there

just one stranded

isolated grain


My daughter

on a pier looks like her mother

but she laughs like me and when

I hold a fishing pole or see the surface

of a lake while loons and eagles

congress above the bass

trout and frogs I see

with my father’s

eyes and grip


cork with my grandfather’s hold


While the Snapping Turtle says

You have more in common

with me and a carrot

braided at a depth


your tales of woe and betrayal

can not contain


Why settle for complaint?

What Love in its wisdom

has undone.

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A nicely philosophical piece. I smiled at the Snapping Turtle ( its belligerence and longevity), reminds me of making a will and being told not to try and look over the horizon. :smile:.

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Thanks G! Yes indeed, I had similar thoughts upon seeing that hulking beast, possibly far less poetic and kind! ;-)



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A poem in itself:


when the deeps care little


Daughter like mother AND father, father like his father and grandfather.....all sparks of one divine? Mighty gnostic of you, Juris Man!

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David W. Parsley

Another one that keeps drawing me back. "Craig" in stanza one keeps making me think of an on-line service - don't miss that one. I keep thinking that first stanza is the best one and that I am starting to lose thread somewhere around the snapping turtle, but I'm not so sure. Interesting work, doc. I'll tease this one out, too.



- Dave

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