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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Whisper


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The whisper broke the silence
Filling the air
With the sound of consciousness
The warm steamy breath of love
Flowing from a mouth
Into an ear
And the heat of uttered meanings
Tender expressions
And declarations
Lapped upon the shores
Of comprehension
Causing tears and shivers of joy
Skin against skin
Warm and soft and vital
Sensitivity enfolding awareness
Fed by air and water
And by love

The whisper was the sound of god
That had travelled through time
Creating this moment
And a billion others like it simultaneously
Movement and energy
Articulation and emotion
Intangible treasures of a seen universe
Enormity that can not be conceived
Brilliance and profundity
That overwhelms when
Mere fragments of it are realised
The experience of existence
An abstraction beyond definition
A holy state of being
That is both scientific and supernatural

The whisper is the sound of a life
Divided into innumerable aspects
Complex expressions of a sensitivity
That runs beyond cosmic depths
It is the voice of One
Passionately attempting to understand
Where it comes from
An eternal memory
That stretches further than light
An essence so pure
It reflects infinity
Forming shining fragments
That are limitless and gloriously resplendent.

To receive love, you have to give it...

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You are always so replete with extremes!


A holy state of being
That is both scientific and supernatural


Much passion here. The sustained tension is finally released at the end, and the reader can breathe again! :)

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