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Poetry Magnum Opus

five methods converge upon a single outcome


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the sudden sick feeling of lost control

a kaleidoscopic flashing by of images

the frantic squeal of brakes, a torrent of horns

a fracture of stillness surrounded by silence

a last prayer of regret and resignation




a glint of sun on cars far below

a stiff breeze, quite surprisingly chilly

a silly pop song going around my brain

my marriage ring on a flattened handkerchief

a group of tiny people gazing up




a flat metallic taste in the water

a cascade of pills on the bedsheet

a pain in my chest to remind me

my ears cocked for outside noises

my iPod paused on "Floo'ers o' the Forest"




a bare platform absent of people

a separate bag for ID, note, flowers

a long letter to my parents

a lighter for a last lonely cigarette

all the cash I possess, in amends




deep and cold night-time waters

a concrete block strapped to my belt

no boats or people in view

lights of the highway over my shoulder

a heavy sweater to help things along

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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a concrete block strapped to my belt


Like a ton o' bricks, it did.....Unexpected. Sad, but artful. Very surprising.


no boats or people in view


His concern here somehow reminds me of the ending of Hedda Gabler, "What will the neighbors think!?"

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Impressive use of show-not-tell. The five stanzas are individually and collectively excellent and imaginative in their common theme. The title evoked a sixth (if somewhat incongruous) thought for me in that Woody Allen quip: "I'm not afraid of dying... I just don't want to be there when it happens!" :smile:

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